Faith Manifest

PoemStar Say It
Voiced by Amazon Polly

PoemStar Meaning: Thinking of something, hoping for it and looking outward to making it happen. Religious or spiritual beliefs aside, most of us do this. In order to manifest our desires, we often choose to share it with a world we cannot see, feel, hear or smell. Not to say what it is, or how it should be – this is up to the beholder of the request. Shared here is the existential journey from an ask to a reality. No matter if one believes it happened from the ability of their mind, the actions of their body or the spirit answer from a soul; we are unified in that what was asked for happened. Whatever someone makes happen can have far-reaching effects. The new reality, the outcome- that is the unification transcending unique personal beliefs.

To create a new reality, we often start by sharing share our desires into the existential.


Mental whispers to the sky

Feels we receive what it decides, not ours

Outcomes unknown

Never stop the asking or the effort

Was it the body, mind or soul?

Credit to the whomever or whatever one believes

The once possibility

Now emerges into life

We are unified because it happened

The outcome became real

Asking into the unseen creates a unity

Reality journeys from an unknown

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