PoemStar Promise

Make a poem about peace

And your message will never cease

Make a poem for your dog or maybe your cat

Make a poem where you’re at.

Make a poem for the chair

Make a poem for your hair

We don’t care.

But keep it clean

Not obscene

Because there is a screen.

Show everyone your ways

Your days

Your nights

Your fights and your flights.

What is your whimsy

Or your family

Do you like food

Or what puts you in the mood?

The world keeps spinning-sometimes we are sad and sometimes we are grinning

Are you getting the money or chasing your identity

We all need to know what can and can’t be.

Describe the arts

Or prove you’re smart

It only matters what’s in your heart.

Share your loves

Or share your hates

But wait…you cannot specifically name your mates

As nasty poems go in the crate.

Life is all about our world and our travel

Sometimes things are great and sometimes they unravel.

You definitely have more

And you will never be a bore.

See how easy this is?

You can do this now!

So go to the submit page

And you will be a PoemStar now.


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