About Christine C. Oddo Founder

My career in consumer products is a life-long passion. I have developed product and created brands for celebrity, reality TV, start-ups, large organizations and retailers.

Behind the scenes, it was me creating incredible product and experiences!
* Managed the Kardashians’ first skincare brand.
* Developed the launch collection of Kat von D for Sephora line.
* Marketed Denise Richard’s hair care collection for Cristophe Beverly Hills/CVS.
* Content creator for reality TV – The Discovery Channel Show ’10 Years Younger’ and the featured Hollywood dermatologist.

Pandemic Puppy

As the founder of Mettalusso, I created the World’s 1st brand of glam vegan beauty products for both people + pets. Mettalusso features original entertainment and characters. MOMENTS: Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey showcases the Lusso family and their pets Manfred + Molly + Moon. It is a first of kind start-up to ever launch with these products and the original entertainment.

Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury. www.mettalusso.com

I love to write and created Poemstar® as a place where we can understand the meaning and enjoy the audible experience of a poem read aloud.

 Also check The Christine Report, my blog for all things current on beauty, pop culture, media fashion, style and pets!




Your Grateful Author XOXOXO, Christine

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