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Purpose: This is an intensely trying time for many. The pressure of financial uncertainty coupled with regulated isolation is a circumstance never really experienced before at such levels within free society. While the hope is it will soon pass; hope can understandably fall under the weight of frustration and despair. This covid-19 pandemic has no known preconceived path and it is extremely difficult to know what to expect, or for how long. This writing is curated to empathize with the reader, encourage making peace with the circumstance and to find a place to grow within it.

Outer Turmoil

Challenges Inner Workings

Of sanctitude, attitude and fortitude

Blowing through the normal filters and functions

Who we are with ourselves and others

Chipped away

Becoming unrecognizable

Even to the self

Refinding the way

Creating new

Or despair is time lost

Gentle transition

A mind for self-love

Map a new reality

Make new spaces

Pain and positivity

Change ever embraced

Expanding connections

A new space

Evolve your existence

Encouragement to Evolve
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