Purpose: Why is it that there is nothing as familiar as our own private sanctuary? Home or whatever each of us calls it is essential to the soul. One only needs to be away from or be completely without a personal sanctuary to be overcome with its intense importance. Enjoy your space, take care of it and never let it go.
So important
Even if only it exists in a dream
Go after your sanctuary
Keep it
Safety, soundness provided
A place to be still- or not.
The place to mix it up so that it all makes sense.
No matter
Its yours and your alone
There is no substitute
For one’s own private place
Without it
Stress in the daily struggle
Grounded resolves.

What’s Your Deal

Purpose: There are 2 well-known sayings in life.  “The one thing you can always count on is change.”  “People never change.”    Think about this.  It seems like a huge disconnect and an enormous opportunity.  Greater mental flexibility may help us perform better while life changes so very fast. The power is there to use what’s in us.


Ahh, humankind


Driving us

Exhibiting the individual roadmap

Saying it doing it over again

Is it all anything more than

A compilation of complex compulsions

Everybody’s got your read

Giving away your psyche

Life changes way more

Than then people living it

Transformations rarely triumph over manifestations

Yet change never ceases

Players stay their play

Imagine the powers of evolution

They are there

Mostly gone unused

Away Passed


Missing loved ones terribly after they have passed.  Have you ever thought about them and felt their presence, become sad and then reassured all in the same experience? Maybe they are always with us.

The Poem:

Where have you gone

But always within me

Feel hollow spaces

Then you pour in

Warm, then passes

Yet for that lovely moment I know

A happy-sad

You’re here-but not

Just to carry on

What else

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Chasing Beauty


Sometimes we are “on” and it all rolls.  And sometimes not.  You are not alone.  The way we feel about ourselves is certainly a roller coaster.  Wonder why.

The Poem:

Chasing Beauty
My Expression
My Passion
It’s Good to Be a Girl
Most of the Time
So Compelled to Chase Beauty
Do We Ever Catch It?
The Game Changes As We Change
Sometimes I Look Better and Sometimes Not
But I Never Stop


Special Sleep


Have you ever had such a sleep that you never wanted to wake up from- a life changing rest so powerful that you actually woke up a better person?  If not, it is an experience truly wished for you.

The Poem:

An unimaginable black out.

A black hole on earth, in a room.

The immense void gave room to feel and be,

It was an immense vacuum of space within the tiniest of areas.

Life altering.

Improbable and seemingly unrepeatable.

This level of peace.

Not the same afterwards.

Ultimate physical, intellectual, spiritual….emotional…



Forgotten never.

Forever changed.

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In The Morning. by Steve Kowit 1938

Purpose: Getting ready in the morning can be a sensuous experience.  It is the process of getting ready to meet the world  and knowing that you took the time to prepare for it. For a woman, it is enhanced by the sometimes vivid colors of her makeup and the welcome drama of enhancing her face.

The Poem:

In the morning,

holding her mirror

the young woman


her tender

lip with

her finger &

then with

the tip of her tongue

licks it &


& admires her


Getting Up In Winter. By The Emporer of Liang Year 503-551

Purpose: An ancient Emporer saw his love get up early one morning in the cold and it made him wonder about the capabilities and complexity of the female spirit.


Winter morning.

Pale sunlight strikes the ceiling.

She get out of bed reluctantly.

Her nightgown has a bamboo sash.

She wipes the dew off her mirror.

At this hour there is no one to see her.

Why is she waking up so early?